1 truck 20 m3 + 2 men price 120.- Frs. per hour
1 truck 20 m3 + 3 men price 160.- Frs. per hour
1 truck 20 m3 + 4 men price 200.- Frs. per hour
2 trucks 20 m3 + 4 men price 240.- Frs. per hour
2 men without vehicle 100.- Frs. per hour
Price without TVA

Conditions :

These tariffs are applicable only in the canton of Geneva.
We start to invoice from our arrived on the spot until the end of work.

Expenses of displacement :

Canton de Vaud (founex, Coppet, jusqu’à Nyon) 60.- Frs.
Canton de Vaud (Gland, Morges, Lausanne) 120.- Frs.
Neighboring France in the environs of Genève, radio of 50 km.

For more information with respect to expenses of displacement and transfer abroad it can contact to us by telephone to the 078/699-71-18 or 079/604-82-83 fax 022/329-93-65 e-mail : info@landerville.ch

In these prices the insurances of civil Responsibility are included truck driver and civil Responsibility of the society.



1 van 2m3, 1 driver deliverymen, a destination ( maximum 3 articles) Frs.  80.-
1 van 2m3, 2 driver deliverymen, a destination (1 article)                   Frs. 100.-
1 truck 20m3, 2 deliverymen, a destination (1 article)                         Frs. 120.-
1 truck 20m3, 2 deliverymen, a destination (2 articles)                       Frs. 150.-
1 truck 20m3, 2 deliverymen, a destination (3 articles)                       Frs. 180.-


Coppet, Founex, Commugny majoration                                            Frs.   30.- on the tariff.
Nyon, Gland majoration                                                                    Frs.  50.-
Rolle, Aubonne majoration                                                                Frs.  70.-
Morges majoration                                                                           Frs.  90.-
Lausanne majoration                                                                        Frs. 120.–


We are covered by the Civil Liability for the Company and Civil Liability truck-driver (valid Cover according to the regulation for the Swiss Code of the Obligations.

The objects to be handled are not covered by the RC of the Company nor the Civil Liability Truck-driver. Consequently the damaged objects will be ensured for a maximum amount of Frs. 250.-by cubic meter and by object.

Nevertheless there is the possibility of subscribing an insurance transport all risks of 0,8% of the declared value.


For more information call us to 079/6048283 – 078/6997118 – 079/6263727 – info@landerville.ch
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